Offline Modded Apk for Kill Shot Bravo

Offline Modded Apk for Kill Shot Bravo

Welcome back to the top 1 action shooter on the mobile devices. You tired of fps drops and altime farming. We introduce you modded apk for Kill Shot Bravo for improving your gameplay as soon as possible. Equip your virtual character with top weapons and equipment as a sniper or with assault rifles, and complete cover combat missions right in the enemy field.

Version Kill shot Bravo Mod Apk 1.5

  • Added 180 new missions
  • As a member of new department you will travel across the world and complete missions according to the mi6 commands
  • A lot of new rifles added
  • Added commander vehicles to turn the on-going battle for your favor. Vehicles appears almost in half of missions for your support and survival. With this equipment you will survive with no time. And our modded game will help you to do so, because now it doesn’t cost any money that you must farm
  • Ammo and reloading are now fading out. Infinite ammo on the battlefield will help you to ignore things that stopped you before, from completing a missions. Reload time is now almost 0 seconds so you can feel free to waste any magazine without consequences.
  • New enemies appeared, you will face, honestly, the biggest variety of enemies on your way to success. From bounty hunters to full equiped flying drones, heavy gunners and RPGs instances.
  • A lot of bounty events everyday, that you need  to complete

Discover all and more inside the Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk and you will see how easy in shooting and fun this game is.