Kill Shot Bravo Apk Mod v1.3 – Updated

Kill Shot Bravo Apk Mod v1.3 – Updated

Kill Shot Bravo Apk Mod v1.3 finally updated! A detailed completely new story in today’s draft No, we will pacify the unknown insurgents somewhere in China. At the same time we do not put in prominence. Actually it does not matter, because we have to pass a simple mission, each of them is required of us to do something useful, like destroying a couple of snipers. Sometimes it will be more difficult the task may be asked to destroy some of the leader, or to blow up everything neatly arranged undermining barrels of fuel.

Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk 1.3 Info

You will have a number of job types, in addition to the usual company; you will be invited on a secret mission of high complexity, as well as various options for stripping the territory and premises. Usually these jobs are different weapons used. If the campaign mode, you often have to keep in the hands of a sniper rifle, you are creating already sent with a shotgun. Naturally you need to buy weapons for virtual currency or real Well, if you do not mind in game products. Arsenal is not very wide, but there are rich possibilities of equipment your character, you can choose everything from helmets to boots. Management does not noteworthy to aim, to shoot, looks around on the ground. Click here to get it!

Be safe when uninstalling your past version on Kill Shot Bravo Apk Mod. Take care of your data before downloading new patch. Make sure you backed up all files and saves from the first one, and then you can easily install new fixed version. Join our community as soon as possible. Download Kill Shot Bravi Apk Mod v1.3 now!